Surerus Pipeline Inc.

Our focus is on large diameter below ground pipelines, fabrication and facility installation, integrity works, complex underground projects and early engagement construction support.

Integrity & Respect.

We deliver our projects within a framework of respect for the local community and environment, ensuring a relationship of mutual benefit through clear communication and integrity.

What We Do

Since its establishment in 1969, Surerus Pipeline Inc. has become one of Canada’s largest pipeline contractors offering a variety of pipeline services that are unparalleled in the oil and gas industry. With experience installing pipelines up to NPS 48 in both winter and summer conditions, we have successfully completed projects in a variety of geographic terrains across prairie, muskeg, heavily forested and mountainous regions. Surerus owns one of Canada’s largest pipeline equipment fleets; ensuring all projects have a full complement of side booms, pipe layers and specialized pipeline equipment as well as earth movers. Whether it is a single project, multi-project program or a multi-year portfolio,

Surerus can meet your project needs as the pipeline contractor of choice while living up to our corporate motto of Safe Work. Quality Work.


Contact Surerus:

HEAD OFFICE: 250.785.2423

For General Inquiries:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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