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In keeping with our value of Never Harm, we believe that our employees are our most valuable resource — nothing in our business is more important than ensuring the safety of our people, our contractors, our visitors, and the communities in which we operate.

We believe that all occupational injuries and illnesses can be prevented, and that safety is an integral part of everyone’s job. We are committed to the highest standards of safety performance and have developed an effective safety program to ensure the wellbeing of everyone on our work sites. Surerus employees, contractors, and visitors are expected to abide by our eight primary safety commitments:


Our work is never so urgent or important that we cannot take the time to do it safely.


All occupational injuries and illnesses are preventable.


Everyone is obligated to refuse unsafe work.


Everyone is obligated to raise concerns about hazards.


All levels of supervision are accountable for safety performance.


Employee and contractor commitment is essential to safety performance.


Excellence in safety leads to excellence in business.


Safety attitude off the job is as important as on the job.

Safety is a paramount priority for Surerus across all aspects of our business and pipeline projects. We understand that the well-being of our employees, the environment, and the communities we serve is of utmost importance. Surerus diligently implements rigorous safety protocols and procedures, continuously monitors our effectiveness, and actively engages our entire organization to create a culture of safety excellence. By placing safety at the forefront of our operations, Surerus demonstrates our unwavering commitment to responsible and sustainable construction practices.


We leverage the Surerus Murphy Joint Venture Training and Development Team to promote employee advancement and organizational effectiveness through high-quality training programs, materials, and support for both project teams and corporate staff. Our competency-based training programs are designed or selected to meet individual, project, group, and organizational needs and objectives. We strive to enhance individual learning and development to establish an optimal workplace environment where the values of safety and quality are paramount.

Surerus’ corporate curriculum includes instructor-led training courses, numerous e-learning modules and blended training programs that combine the best of both, as well as tools that support on-the-job training in the field. All of our training programs are delivered with the goal of leaving an impact.

  • Pre-construction hazard assessments
  • Onboarding for supervisors
  • Pre-access testing
  • Onboarding training for all project employees prior to mobilization to work site
  • Site-specific orientation for all employees, contractors and visitors
  • Job Safety Analyses (JSA) and Field Level Hazard Assessments (FLHA)
  • Daily tailgate meetings, weekly foreman safety meetings and pre-phase meetings representing each phase of the pipeline life cycle
  • Equipment operator pre-qualification process for each employee operating heavy equipment
  • Monthly meetings for all employees
  • Feedback cards
  • Short Service or Green Hand program for new or inexperienced employees
  • Weekly planning tools for supervisors, including safety considerations for each day’s work


We take pride in our environmental performance and our commitment to protecting the environment. All Surerus employees are stewards of the environment and we hold each team member and subcontractor accountable for its protection because together, we will continue to be the industry leader in environmental excellence.


The Surerus environmental team is integral to our early project planning phases and once in the field, they are typically the first to arrive and the last to leave. These key personnel coordinate relevant activities and ensure environmental compliance with project-specific plans, regulations, and best management practices. They ensure mitigation strategies are implemented and that field staff are aware of any environmental risks associated with daily activities. All construction personnel participate in a pre-phase meeting to identify environmentally sensitive features, avoidance and mitigation measures, location of spill response equipment, and review any site-specific environmental plans. Environmental issues and any necessary mitigation strategies are relayed to site-specific workers at the daily tailgate meeting so that they may be deployed successfully in the field.


We have consistently scored extremely high during the environmental components of National Energy Board audits, including 100% scores on successive projects.
Surerus has developed our own Clubroot cleaning protocol that was highly effective by ensuring equipment cleaning protocols were followed and documented. In fact, parts of our system have been incorporated into owner company procedures.
Surerus is dedicated to spill prevention, clean-up, and reporting. We believe our compliance to spill reporting and clean-up is by far the best in the industry; even spills of several drops are cleaned up, documented, and reported.
Surerus maintains a fleet of spill response trailers and spill response personnel on site during our projects to ensure prompt and effective containment, clean-up, and management in the event of a spill.
Surerus has been involved in several highly successful minimal disturbance projects. During winter conditions, the work area of the right-of-way is frost packed and flooded with water to create an ice and snow surface above the undisturbed understory. Only the ditch line and a few areas of the right-of-way with steep inclines are disturbed during construction, with the steep grade cuts being replaced during clean-up. As the roots and seed banks remain undisturbed throughout construction the result is healthy vegetation over the vast majority of the pipeline right-of-way the following summer.


Quality in construction is defined as ‘meeting or exceeding the requirement of client/owners’. At Surerus, quality means establishing pride in our workmanship and exceeding expectations. Throughout our drive for continuous improvement, we consistently strengthen our culture of Safe Work. Quality Work. and believe visibility and engagement of our leadership team is essential to our success. These key personnel lead by example and positively encouraging our employees to understand and take ownership of their work along with the promotion of our quality culture. We are extremely proud of our progressive commitment to the ongoing development of our Quality Management System which is based on the principles of ISO 9001.

Utilizing a Plan, Do, Check, Act model, Surerus guarantees that our quality assurance and robust quality control results in consistency across all areas of operations and promotes increased job satisfaction, higher productivity, and better employee relations. Committed to providing every client with a valuable service of the highest quality, we continually review and update our systems, processes, and performance.


We establish the systems, processes, and the resources needed to deliver results in accordance with client requirements while addressing risks and opportunities.


We implement what was planned.


We take actions to improve performance as necessary.


We monitor and measure processes against planned activities and report the results.



Surerus is committed to collaboration and to building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships that are based on transparency, respect, and trust. Our inclusive approach encourages Indigenous communities to participate in decisions that affect their families, their traditional territories and their livelihoods.

As a responsible organization, Surerus considers the impacts of our activities and the related opportunities for Indigenous communities and their traditional and current uses of lands and resources. We are committed to building genuine relations with communities by first acknowledging the life of the land, recognizing Indigenous peoples’ relationships to the land, and by reconciling our place in nature through an approach to projects that supports a healthy environment.

Surerus recognizes the value of Indigenous peoples’ contribution to the economy. Investing in the development of a strong Indigenous work force establishes a mutually beneficial relationship and affords Indigenous communities’ sustainable futures within and beyond traditional territories.

More About Indigenous Engagement


On all projects, Surerus works closely with local communities to mitigate concerns, minimize disruption and inconvenience, and maintain open communication throughout the project’s lifecycle. Our construction teams maximize the involvement of local personnel, contractors, vendors, and suppliers. These efforts leave a lasting impression on our communities as we focus on living by our motto of Safe Work. Quality Work.

As a family-owned business with a small-town sensibility, Surerus is proud to be active in our communities. Through both charitable donations and invested time, giving back to the communities we serve has always been a key component of our organization. Surerus supports numerous organizations, and we pride ourselves in our ability to provide assistance to those in need.

As our reach continues to grow, we strongly believe in the positive impact that our commitment to actively participating in our communtities can achieve. Surerus regularly contributes to community groups through BC and Alberta, with additional funds being generated by our project teams for communities they are working in.