Quality Management

Quality in construction is defined as ‘meeting or exceeding the requirement of client/owners’. At Surerus quality means establishing pride in our workmanship and exceeding expectations. On our drive for continual improvement we are strengthening our culture of Safe Work, Quality Work and we believe visibility and engagement of our leadership team is key to our success. They lead by positive example and positively encouraging our employees to understand and take ownership of the work along with the promotion of our quality culture. We are extremely proud of our progressive commitment to ongoing development of our Quality Management System which is based on the principles of ISO 9001.

Quality Surerus

We use the Plan, Do, Check, Act, process to ensure that our quality assurance and robust quality control results in consistency across all areas of work and promotes increased job satisfaction, higher productivity and better employee relations.

  • Plan: We establish the systems, processes, and the resources needed to deliver results in accordance with customer requirements while addressing risks and opportunities
  • Do: We implement what was planned
  • Check: We monitor and measure processes against planned activities and report the results
  • Act: We take actions to improve performance as necessary

We constantly review our systems, processes and performance so that we provide all our customers with a valuable service of the highest quality.

Our Quality Policy 


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